Margaret Laird, CSB

Margaret Laird

Margaret Laird (1885-1982) was one of the leading metaphysicians of our time.  Like other forward-thinkers, Mrs. Laird was willing to follow wherever the premise "All Is Mind" might lead, and found herself propelled into the fast currents of modern thought.  This same impulsion has produced many books, which comprise one of the most uncompromising statements of monism and its intensely practical application to our daily living currently available.

Monism is the theory that there is only one basic existence or principle as the ground of reality - One I-Us.  The ideas presented in her books may seem strange or unacceptable to some readers, but an expanding comprehension and a ready listening is appearing.

Mrs. Laird was a practitioner and teacher of Christian Science in the Evanston/Chicago area for many years.  Her teacher for her primary class as well as for her teacher's class in the Metaphysical College was Bicknell Young, a student of Edward Kimball.  Her fidelity to the Science of Christian Science is unparalleled, and her refusal to compromise her presentation eventually put her out of the Christian Science organization.  Her practice and teaching continued privately and then through The Margaret Laird Foundation until her death in l982.

Since Mrs. Laird's death at the age of 97, the Margaret Laird Foundation (now called The Institute of Metaphysical Science) continues to promote the teachings of Scientific Metaphysics through continued research, publishing a Quarterly Newsletter, classes and seminars on scientific metaphysics.

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